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The Significance of KPI Templates

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What is the significance of predefined metrics and KPI templates?

Most organisations today have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in one form or another. However KPIs are often developed over time and grow in numbers as each person or department adds theirs to the expanding list.

The result is often a vast and unmanageable array of reports which few people look at, and even fewer rely on for analysis.

SIBA's structuring and sequencing process of your metrics eliminates the "siloed" prevalence that exists in so many organisations. Without this structure in place, lead and lag metrics are often omitted which further exacerbates the problem.

Organisations often have several Business Intelligence (BI) tools at their disposal and it is commonly known that many BI projects fail to deliver the expected results - with most at a significant cost and spanning several years.

Most BI initiatives focus on a technical solution, with vendors and consultants simply delivering the tool. Very few take a business outcome approach which we believe is why there is a sizable difference between expectations and reality.


Being able to analyse and report on disparate measures is crucial to a successful KPI reporting and analytics solution. SIBA provides a common sense approach to balanced scorecard and six sigma based methodologies in an easy to use and understandable format.

Cost saving and efficiency through structured methodology

We identify cost saving and efficiency benefits through the use of a structured methodology, prebuilt reporting content with ready-to-use KPI report templates.

We emphasise predictive measures by incorporating structured and unstructured data, to take our clients from simply looking at historical data to exploring key propensity indicators via our Predictive Business Intelligence templates.

We leverage clients' existing software infrastructure, so our solution can be integrated with existing systems to make them more usable. Our solutions are applicable to a broad range of industries because our content and methodology is applicable to most business systems in use today.

This approach gives companies greater leverage on their existing investments in business software and related IT systems, enabling improved utilisation and return on investment through increased visibility and utilisation of collected and stored data.

The SIBA templates are fully specified metrics which comprises the following:

The SIBA Solutions template solution therefore provides a rapid deployment environment which enables our high value low cost delivery of a fully interactive business analytics solution in a matter of days and weeks not months and years.