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IsoMetrix GRC Management System Software

IsoMetrix, the company’s flagship product, covers the full GRC spectrum, from Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management, to Quality, Enterprise Risk Management, Legal Compliance and Sustainability.

Codes such as the King Report on Corporate Governance, and reporting standards such as GRI, are compelling companies to manage issues of governance and sustainability in a more formal way. IsoMetrix enables companies to replace a myriad point solutions and paper and spreadsheet- based systems, with a fully integrated, web-based solution that provides comprehensive dashboards for clear visibility over areas of risk and non-compliance.

The agile technology IsoMetrix is built on provides Metrix with a strong competitive advantage, enabling us to provided tailored solutions to customer requirements, and add new modules to our existing suite, in a fraction of the time required by a conventional software development approach.

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What are the benefits of IsoMetrix?

The IsoMetrix Interface

We believe that in order for a system of risk management to be effective and to add value to boards, senior management, key stakeholders, etc. the management of risk requires information which is relevant, meaningful and timely. Such information is required to facilitate decision-making and the monitoring of the business activities and supporting processes as well as the operational health of the organization. The available information needs to alert management to expectations or other warning signals. This is only possible using a fully integrated electronic management system software application.

The figure below is an example of a risk management and SHERQ interface:


IsoMetrix addresses the plan, do, check, act, and review cycle of management in an easy to understand and simple to navigate structure. Advanced (user defined) search and filter facilities allow for the easy access of information. From a user perspective, users can easily access information relevant to their areas of responsibility. Adding information is uncomplicated. Ease of navigation reduces administration time to a matter of minutes per month, freeing up time for other critical operational areas of the business.

From a management perspective, IsoMetrix allows executives to manage by exception and drive continual organisational improvement by providing instant real-time access to reports and performance criteria for effective decision-making.

Typical Dashboard


IsoMetrix Software Functional Summary

A proper understanding of organisational risks and a robust system of risk management have been identified by the leading corporate governance studies (such as the Turnbull Report in the United Kingdom, the King II report in South Africa, COSO, ANZI as well as IRMSA), as essential to enable boards and stakeholders to effectively pursue and achieve organisational objectives and strategies. IsoMetrix has been specifically designed as a comprehensive management system tool to achieve the requirements described in these standards, guides and frameworks. IsoMetrix can be configured to meet an organisation's specific risk management requirements, some of the key features of IsoMetrix are outlined below. Benefits of web technology include: