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Occupational Health and Hygiene overview

Health at work

You need to meet your moral and legal obligations to ensure that:

Managing occupational health:

Benefits of managing health and hygiene at work using IsoMetrix

IsoMetrix covers the entire spectrum of Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality and Business Risk Management. Functionality is included in IsoMetrix to cater for the specific requirements related to the understanding and managing of Occupational Health.

Typical Occupational Health and Hygiene Interface


Why use IsoMetrix to manage occupational health?

The first step in managing occupational health in IsoMetrix is to create risk based medical surveillance protocols to focus on real health risks linked to hygiene monitoring. The IsoMetrix consultant works with the company to

Once this is in place the Occupational Hygienist or Medical Practitioner can draw an individual risk profile for any employee that shows:

Other features offered as part of the SHERQ solution are:

Why use to manage occupational hygiene? allows companies to create a system for recording both location and personal monitoring linked to defined work sections and activities by:

Hygiene monitoring data can be used to link individuals to a HEG (Homogenous Exposure Group) and then to the medical surveillance thus creating individual risk profiles.