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Integrated Supply Chain Analytics

Product Overview – SIBA P2P - PMF

The SIBA P2P-PMF solution is a specialised SaaS based logistics performance analysis solution covering supply and demand chains in bulk commodity, container, general cargo and associated services markets.

Specific solutions delivered by SIBA Solutions in this area include mining based Pit-to-Port templates, manufacturing based vertical integration templates and service provider based depot-to-customer or Point 2 Point process chain models.

SIBA P2P-PMF is a globally licensable supply chain analytics platform comprising a consulting services component, SaaS subscription software licensing and an annuity based throughput pricing model.

Providing clients with simplicity and power when combined with SIBA’s predefined industry and process specific templates and deployment methodologies, provides an intuitive, quick to deploy and purpose-effective analytics and reporting solution, applicable to every entity within the supply & demand chains.

Markets include:

Complex multi-tenanted bulk commodity supply chains with vertically or integrated operations for extracting, processing, loading, storing & transporting of primary goods such as mineral ore, agriculture products, shipping containers etc. used by organisations involved in their supply & demand chains.

Industry Outlook

Leveraging SIBA’s Machine 2 Machine (IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things) & Big Data capabilities and solutions, provides market participants who own, manage/operate or are members of complex bulk commodity supply chains the opportunity to streamline their supply chain operations to optimise and improve efficiency & profits and improve collaboration of the chain members and participants to drive individual performance and process improvements.

These solutions include the following: