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IsoMetrix eModules self-service platform

The IsoMetrix  eModule self-service platform allows companies to easily and quickly develop internal control systems.

Even complex systems can be developed rapidly, without any requirement for development, allowing companies to create a single, integrated  view of all areas of the business that require governance oversight, or day to day activity management.  Examples of the diversity of modules that have been developed include:

And Many more ... through the flexibility offered by the IsoMetrix eModules self-service platform the range of functionality and applications is almost endless.

New modules and reports can be created quickly and easily by dragging and dropping, allowing people without a development background to create new modules for managing information.  This flexibility allows IsoMetrix to grow and evolve over time as an organization’s requirements develop and evolve.  A major benefit of the eModules is that it allows companies to do away with spreadsheets and small database applications that form ‘information islands’ and are typically not integrated into other business processes.  By including such systems into the overall governance software management, management also immediately has greater visibility and control over areas of risk.

On a technical level, the database schema is built as the user creates new modules. Therefore, there is complete flexibility in terms of the layout of data input screens, and the workflow according to which end-users need to capture information.

In addition:

IsoMetrix Custom Solutions

For expert enhancements or specialized applications you don't have time to create yourself, speak to an IsoMetrix Business Consultant, who can design and build a custom web-based application for you - within your budget and timeframe.