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Sustainability Management Suite

The IsoMetrix Sustainability Suite is an innovative, web-based sustainability management software solution that allows you to pursue compliance within a wide array of local and international statutory reporting requirements as well as voluntary disclosure initiatives.

The solution facilitates legal compliance and empowers you to effectively govern your
sustainability performance while providing a full audit trail to easily facilitate third party assurance. The IsoMetrix Sustainability Suite has rich functionality yet is easy to configure, simple to use, flexible and robust with the ability to extend as your mandatory or voluntary disclosure requirements evolve.

There is often a gap between stakeholders’ need for information and a company’s ability to provide full disclosure on the effectiveness of sustainability strategies. The IsoMetrix Sustainability Suite bridges this gap, empowering you to define, manage and attain your sustainability objectives. The system can mould to your exact requirements, for the distributed input and monitoring of sustainability data and also in providing output in line with your chosen compliance guidelines.

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Typical processes managed within IsoMetrix:


Monitoring & Measuring



Rising energy costs make sustainable operating practices an imperative not only for the environment, but for your business itself. Triple bottom line reporting, if handled using tools that allow data to be collected immediately, can be a driver not only for lower emissions, but lower operating costs as well.

Only what is measured can be improved. And the closer to real-time these measurements are, the faster you will be able to devise improvement strategies. The dashboards provided by IsoMetrix allow each user to view trends and exceptions, and give them ownership over their emission targets, and the action plans put in place to reach these targets.